Amazing Pressed Flower Tattoo For Females

Amazing Pressed Flower Tattoo For Females

October 7, 2017 Off By Esperanza

During the recent years, tattoos with flowers and leaves have become extremely trendy.  They look just unrealistically beautiful! Now we are writing about the best floral prints of 2018 and are inspired by really amazing works.

Walking On Natural Side

So what is the essence of this type of tattoo and why it is booming? What are the reason for specialists in this sphere to be called “artists”? The answer is that these people in their creative rely on Mother Nature. They make skin masterpieces by pressing flowers, ferns and other flora in transfer ink with the second step of placing them directly onto the part of the body.

Pressed flower tattoos will be an excellent decoration of the body for women and girls, because they give the feeling of tenderness, femininity and refinement. Magic blossoming drawings are able to satisfy even the most demanding female clientele, and their diversity is simply impressive.

Why Clients Choose Them:

  • They surprise as a riot of colors, pastel palette or black and white minimalism – it all depends on your desires and tastes!
  • Tattoos can be made in a blurry watercolor style or have clear outlines and boundaries, can be quite tiny, or large, on the whole back or arm.
  • Flower tattoos can depict absolutely any flowers, even your most favorite! Delicate lavender, chic roses, pastel peonies, bright cornflowers and chamomiles – choose the option that you will like.

Where To Place:

  • Floral tattoos are especially popular this year to place on the inside of the arm – there is enough room to apply a beautiful pattern, a flat surface, and these prints look very beautiful and elegant. Also, the real boom was the original helix tattoos, which are placed on the ear cartilage, or small tattoos behind the ears.

  • Very bright and posh looks are typical for touching images on the back, shoulders, sides, legs and collarbones. If you have been dreaming about a tattoo for a long time, turn on your imagination and think over the details and where you would like to place it. For the first tattoo, tiny drawings are ideal, which are not as scary as the big ones.

Nowadays, it’s just impossible to have tattoo which doesn’t look like somebody else’s. Many people from fashion and beauty industry try to find solution in new ways and methods. So, many of them are eager to master delicate tattoos with natural botanical prints. Therefore, each tattoo is certainly unique and inspiring.

To cut the long story short, if you’re looking to be original in covering your skin with some pictures and decorations, maybe it’s time to pay attention not to usual graphics, or something small and plain, but to the wild side and nature. So lets be inspired only by the best examples of 2018, and choose our own!