Why World Beauties Like Grey Coffin Nails

Why World Beauties Like Grey Coffin Nails

May 3, 2018 Off By Esperanza

Do you know what is the trendiest option in manicure this season? The answer is grey coffin nails (visit website). Thanks to a special form they are also called the “nails of the ballerina” because visually resembles pointe. This type of very long nails with a square tip, which is slightly rounded, is widespread in Europe and US. According to beauty-bloggers, such nails look very elegant and expensive. Naturally, they require constant care and strong nail plates.

In 2018, one of the top colors is gray, as well as its shades with a metallic effect. It can be perceived as an excellent alternative to black, because it has one undeniable advantage: it is multifaceted, with a rich palette. In summer, it can be light gray tones in combination with bright gel-varnishes, and in autumn and winter, darker variants are applied. Another advantage of gel-lacquer gray is that it is basic. It combines with other colors perfectly. Due to a variety of design options you can create a nice manicure for any occasion.

Generally speaking, gray looks great on nails of any shape and length, and does not attract too much attention, therefore, will it not conflict with any color of clothes.

So What Are The Best Variants For Your Hands?

  • Gray and silver. To create such a manicure, you will need a chromatic liquid with mirror effect. This pigment is distinguished by a pure silver shade and perfectly combined with gray gel-varnish.
  • Inlay. To perform it, you can use ready-made sets, or pick up the stones for your own taste and color by yourself. Use special instruments for this micro design, which you can order online on the beauty websites.
  • Gray-pink manicure. For the spring-summer season, this type with butterflies, ladybirds, dragonflies and beautiful flowers on nails is suitable. At first glance, to perform this with a brush seems to be complicated. But if you take a couple of master classes and watch video lessons, you can learn this way of decorating very quickly. Gray-pink tones on your nails look fresh and relevant, if in addition to combine it with silvery rubbing or northern light pigment.

  • Matte looks very stylish and elegant. Dark gray in a matte technique is very appropriate for the office. Well-off business lady who wants to show her taste can also pay attention to this variant.

Hope now you have no doubt why it is worth to consider this stylish, and most importantly a universal solution in manicure. After all, gray nails do not mean something boring, but are a creative design. You can make geometrical patterns, decorate them with glitter, or even make a colored French manicure.