How to apply Seint makeup

How to apply Seint makeup

January 26, 2023 Off By Esperanza

The right Seint makeup emphasizes facial features, makes them attractive, and helps to hide skin imperfections. In this article we will reveal the secrets of make-up at home, with step-by-step instructions for those who begin to learn the basics. We hope that this information will also be useful for experienced make-up artists.

What do i need for face makeup? 

When choosing cosmetics, it is extremely important to carefully study their description and pay attention to the expiration date. When using expired cosmetics, you can get a number of unpleasant consequences: from rashes to serious allergic reactions.

What is included in a basic Seint makeup set:

  • Foundation. Choose a shade as close to your natural complexion as possible.
  • Concealer to mask imperfections: pimples, rashes, traces of fatigue. Its shade must be lighter than the skin tone.
  • Eyeshadow. Pay attention to high-quality pigmentation.
  • Eyeliner for evening, pencil or liner for daytime make-up.
  • Lipstick.
  • Blush.

4 rules for perfect facial Seint makeup

To create an even tone and beautiful makeup, listen to our tips.

  1. The first tip is to get quality brushes, at least four. A basic step-by-step makeup set includes tools that are convenient for applying foundation, blush, powder, and eye shadow.
  2. The second recommendation – be sure to prepare your skin for the application of makeup. At home, it is easy to do with cleansers. Then use a moisturizing serum or cream.
  3. The third rule is: do not overload the face with makeup with a dense texture and too dark colors. This can make you look a lot older.
  4. Bottom line advice – beware of sharp and abrupt tone transitions. Lines should be neat and natural. Smooth the cosmetic products step by step to blur the lines between them.

The right Seint makeup: step by step instructions for beginners

A beginner makeup artist should know how to apply makeup step by step. Use the recommendations of professionals on the step-by-step makeup at home. Cleansing and moisturizing

Step 1

The step-by-step makeup application lesson begins with cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Use a moisturizer or face serum with a special composition suitable as a makeup base.

Step 2

Smooth out your tone by applying foundation with your fingers, a beauty blender, a brush, or a wet sponge. Brush over the neck and ear area, up to the hairline, so that the color is applied evenly, without any variations.

Step 3

Conceal imperfections step by step. Apply concealer, matching the shade of the foundation or contrast to conceal problem areas and improve the complexion.

Step 4

Lightly contour with a large brush and apply bronzer to the forehead, cheekbones and chin. Apply highlighter under the eyebrows, above the cheekbones, on the back of the nose, the dimple above the upper lip.

Step 5

Brush your eyebrows well with a brush. Draw them out with a pencil. Its shade should repeat the natural color of the eyebrows. Put the hairs in the right direction and shape, fix them with gel.

Step 6

Apply shadow to the entire mobile eyelid area. Use a lighter shade to highlight the crease and blend it in. For everyday makeup, it is better to use a matte or satin textured shadow.

Step 7

In the intercress area, make a tracing, using a black or dark brown pencil. With the same help, you can execute the eyeliner, to bring out the arrow. Cautiously comb the eyelashes and brush on the mascara.

Step 8

Apply pencil along the contour of the lips, lightly blur it. It will correct the shape and increase the staying power of the lipstick. You may use a gloss. Centered over a layer of lipstick, it will add volume to the lips.

Step 9

To make your makeup as long-lasting as professional makeup, fix it. An excellent effect is given by a special fixing spray. It is easy to apply. It sprays evenly and fixes the makeup.

How do I use corrector for my face?

It’s hard to learn how to use concealer, but it’s possible. The result of the makeup should look natural. Do not get carried away with dark corrector, otherwise you will look older than your years.

The rule of corrector application: highlight the advantageous areas, and darken the problem areas. Step-by-step stages of sculpting:

Highlighter – apply in place of a light highlighter. These are interchangeable cosmetic products. Accentuate the contours of the areas you wish to highlight.

Darkening – apply under the cheekbones, along the sides of the lower jaw. Apply dark concealer from the bridge of the nose.

Shading – first apply the light tone, then the dark one, to erase the boundaries between them.

How to use a palette concealer?

Colored palette concealers help conceal specific skin imperfections. They will use contrast to hide pigment spots, an ugly complexion, traces of acne and fatigue.

Yellowing, dullness, pigmentation are visually removed by purple corrector. Vascular network, bruises, acne scars and wounds can be removed with yellow. Dark circles in the eye area will be lightened with pink concealer.

Green concealer helps remove redness, small pimples, rashes and sunburns. It should be applied in spots. Owners of dark skin need orange tone to lighten the area under the eyes.

How to use powder?

Powder evens skin tone, mattifies the skin, eliminates shine, fixes makeup. You can choose colorless and toning, powdered, in balls, compact. The color should be half a tone lighter than your foundation.

Apply it with a large brush or a Kabuki brush to the nose, cheekbones and forehead only after the foundation dries and “settles” on the face. Touch the skin lightly, distributing the product evenly. You should not rub, but gently press it into the pores.

Learn how to apply a thin layer properly. It is better to brush the powder on your face one more time, complementing the product, than to create a dense mask that will not hide, but highlight skin imperfections.

Now you know how to apply makeup to your face in the right steps at home. Your evening and daytime images will be attractive and enchanting.