How to hide double chin with makeup

How to hide double chin with makeup

January 26, 2023 Off By Esperanza

Many of us are insecure about our own appearance. It makes us anxious. Some of us struggle to lose weight, some of us struggle to cure hyperpigmentation, some of us struggle to hide a second chin. We try to get rid of these things to feel better, to try to fix our body problems. Let’s remember that beauty comes from within. Although it’s a cliché, it’s true. But let’s not give moral lessons or therapy sessions. To restore self-confidence and emphasize beautiful facial features, use makeup. In this article, let’s talk about simple techniques to hide the second chin.

Have you ever heard of facial contour makeup? The Kardashian sisters have revived the technique in recent years, and the whole world has gone crazy over it. Yet contouring has been around since the 1500s. You will be amazed at the methods that were used at that time. This trick was originally used to emphasize cheekbones, make the nose smaller, hide insecurities, and accentuate beauty.

Buy the right foundation

How do you hide a second chin? Before you start applying makeup and contouring your face, you need a good grooming routine. You will need a moisturizer and a good foundation or BB cream that matches your skin tone. If you don’t want to be too dark, consider the following tips. When you spend time outdoors, your skin oxidizes and darkens considerably. You need to keep this in mind when buying foundation.

For this reason, when we are in a cosmetics store, under artificial light, we look good, but when we go outside, everything changes. So remember: you need to get a tester and wear it for a few hours in natural light to see how it works on your face.

The rest of the colors are important too

Once we’ve established the importance of a good foundation shade, we need to focus on the products that complement the look.

You’ll need:

  • A contouring kit (they are sold in palettes) or a bronzer;
  • an eye pencil;
  • mascara;
  • eye shadow;
  • highlighter;
  • Dark lipstick or lip gloss (depending on your desired style).

Determining your chin line

If you’ve stocked up on all the makeup products you need, you can get started. To start contouring, you need to have a foundation on your face.

  1. To begin, focus on your jaw line. Using a makeup brush, work your way from one side of your chin line, just below your ears, to the other side. Brush towards your neck.
  2. Whichever type of brush you use, be sure to go below the chin, form a triangle on the left and right and brush back and down to create a subtle shadow. This way you can successfully camouflage a double chin.
  3. The best way to hide the flaw is to create a shadow just below the jawline with a darker shade of makeup.

Apply highlighter to the cheeks, nose and eyes to draw attention.

After you’ve finished contouring, you need to finish your makeup. The best way to hide your second chin is to look away from it. Deceive, make the eyes and cheekbones look not at it, but at your beautifully outlined eyes and cheekbones.

To do this, you need to create a dramatic look (tuxedo, cat-eye, and so on) that draws attention. Apply highlighter to the inner and outer corners of your eyes to make them shine. Don’t forget to apply it right under the eyebrows as well. Next, apply a little blush to the cheeks. Apply highlighter on your cheekbones and the tip of your nose. Finish your makeup with lip gloss or a bright red lipstick.

This is how, using such simple tools as eye pencil, contouring kit, eyeshadow, highlighter and mascara, and armed with the technique of contouring, you can draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, taking the look away from the second chin.